Wir, als Panasonic, vertreten die Meinung, dass Erfolgsgeschichten am besten vom Anwender selbst erzählt werden sollten. Erfahren Sie in dieser Rubrik wie die Technologie von Panasonic Geschäftsprozesse positiv beeinflusst und optimiert hat. Anwender unserer Produkte teilen ihre Erfahrungen in den sogenannten Fallstudien oder auch Case Studies genannt und lassen Sie so an ihren Geschichten teilhaben.

Best Western Groningen Plaza Hotel wanted to upgrade their current communication system whilst keeping the existing cabling.The installation of an NS700 system offered greater flexibility for the hotel chain.
Kategorie: Communication platforms
Based on 15 years of positive experience with the Panasonic PBX products and working with MPS, when Busy Bees were looking to upgrade their current communication system, they selected dual resilient NSX1000 IP systems as a platform for the continued growth and development of its communications.
Kategorie: Communication platforms
Sektor: Healthcare, Medical Practices
Panasonic worked with Premier Choice Group to help Ivy Court Surgery upgrade their communication system. The integration of an NS700 solution suited their needs perfectly.
Kategorie: Communication platforms
Reprofit is the largest clinic of reproduction medicine in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 2006 and thanks to its results has become one of the most attended and successful centres in the Czech Republic as well as Europe. To help infertile couples to conceive a healthy child, physicians at the clinic recommend the most suitable methods of assisted reproduction without any unnecessary financial or time burden. Several dozen specialists from all of the world cooperate with Reprofit, which leads to the preparation and treatment of patients being more efficient.
Kategorie: Communication platforms
Sektor: Europe, Education, University & College
The distance learning university opts for Panasonic telephony equipment from supplier Daycom, enabling it to strengthen its national and international operations.