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Guideline Geo pair their products with TOUGHBOOK A3 for use in in challenging environments

Guideline Geo Malå is the world’s premier provider of ground penetration radar (GPR) solutions, enabling professionals to create, analyze and transform vast amounts of complex data into easily understandable representations of the subsurface. This video shows how they benefit from the unique properties of TOUGHBOOK tablets even in demanding environments and weather.
Der britische Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service (DWFRS) beschäftigt über 1.000 Feuerwehrleute in 50 Stationen. Der Verband unterhält mehr als 70 Feuerwehrautos und zahlreiche spezielle Begleitfahrzeuge, die mit der passenden Ausrüstung für verschiedene Notfälle ausgestattet sind.
TOUGHBOOK 20 became AKUT’s reliable teammate with its rugged structure built to withstand extreme conditions ideal for search and rescue operations. AKUT’s operations are now more transparent and easier with TOUGHBOOK 20’s MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certificate, hot swappable battery and 17 hours battery life.
Innserve, specialists in the supply, installation & maintenance of drinks dispense systems, rolled out Panasonic TOUGHBOOK L1 Android tablets to 400 technicians, powered by the SOTI ONE Platform.
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Finland’s largest commercial vehicle repair business saves time and improves inventory management with Panasonic rugged handheld devices and TOUGHBOOK Omnia bespoke application.