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Ein ununterbrochener Informationsfluss ist die Basis für einen reibungslosen Betrieb und optimalen Kundenservice in der Logistik. Um dies zu gewährleisten, nutzt die Raben Group die robusten, zuverlässigen Multifunktions-Handhelds TOUGHBOOK N1 für die präzise Erfassung und Bereitstellung umfangreicher Daten zum Lieferstatus - in Echtzeit.
Emergency operational capabilities transformed by access to vital information at the scene
Fjord1, the country’s largest ferry company, carries passengers across Western Norway’s fjords 24 hours a day – 365 days a year. The notorious Norwegian west-coast weather imposes particularly severe requirements on the technology used on board. That is precisely why they have opted for Panasonic’s TOUGHBOOK M1.
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The introduction of robust Panasonic TOUGHBOOK tablets in the trucks at Elitfönster’s outbound warehouse has boosted both efficiency and security. Vast amounts of information, which previously existed in the form of piles of papers and files, is now available in digital format via the TOUGHBOOK devices, as part of the company’s digitisation process.
Panasonic TOUGHBOOK works along with the Italian excellence of San Benedetto in its journey of digitalization and environmental protection.