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Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl

Visuals (Switzerland) Sàrl

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Category   Broadcast & ProAV

Mr. Yannick Josserand


online sales, system installation, rental, repair


Broadcast & ProAV, Camcorder, 4K Camcorder, HD Camera Recorder, P2, AVCCAM, POVCAM, 4K product line-up, VariCam, Remote Cameras, Integrated PTZ Cameras, NDI PTZ Cameras, Convertible HD Cameras, 360-degree Live System, P/T Heads, Controller, Control panels and Converter, Remote Camera Accessories, System Product Collaboration, Studio Cameras, Switcher & Mixer, Recorders, Drives & Player, Mobile Solutions, Deck Solutions, P2HD Drives, Production Monitors, Recording Media, P2 Cards, microP2 cards, Professional SD cards, Tapes, expressP2 Cards, Software, Plug-Ins, Archive, P2 Cast, Software, Accessories 2.0, Batteries and Chargers, Cables, Carrying Case / Rain Cover, Remote Unit / Controller, Viewfinder, Codec Boards, Interfaces and Input/Output Boards, Metadata Handling, Microphones & Holders, Mount Adaptor, Recording Media, Accessories, VariCam Accessories, P2HD & AVC-ULTRA Accessories, AVCCAM Accessories, Studio Camera Accessories, Recorders, Drivers & Player Accessories, Monitor Accessories, Switcher & Mixer Accessories, Input/Output Boards, Microphone, Metadata Handling, Mount Adaptor, Remote unit / Controller, Batteries and Chargers, Services

Useful information

Visuals is the country’s largest supplier of equipment, systems, services and support to the film, broadcast, video and photo industries.

We sell and rent over 65’000 products, from the smallest DSLR to the MOST SOPHISTICATED 8k cine camera, from a studio light to an entire broadcast studio design and installation.

We serve our 10’000+ clients from four offices in three locations across the country, providing 7/7 emergency support, whenever and wherever it is needed.

Languages: German, French, English, Italien, Spanish

Office and shop in Geneva:
Rue du Pré-Bouvier 8,
1242 Satigny
Tel: 022 561 07 07
Monday to Friday: 8:30-18:30
Week-ends: Closed

Office and shop in Zürich:
Bergstrasse 23,
8953 Dietikon
Tel: 043 255 59 00
Monday to Friday: 8:30-18:30
Week-ends: Closed

Office in Ticino:
Tel: 091 985 25 11

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