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Flexible Studio Solution with Kairos

This video is in German language. Der Produkt-Manager Guido Murk von der KST Moschkau GmbH erzählt über den Einsatz der IT/IP Plattform Kairos bei IFM. Kairos ist eine vielfältige offene Plattform, die sehr einfach zu bedienen ist. Sie umfasst eine neuentwickelte bahnbrechende Software, die ST2100- und NDI-Streams mit beliebiger Auflösung verarbeitet. Diese benutzerfreundliche Plattform ist Auflösungs- und Formatunabhängig, weswegen diese für fast alle Anwendungsbereiche wunderbar einsetzbar ist. Schauen Sie nun, wie durch den Kairos ermöglicht wird, dass alle Videostreams überall im Unternehmen erhältlich und abgreifbar sind. Zudem wird erklärt, wie sich jeder Operator ein eigenes Set-Up erstellen kann, sowie sich standardisierte Abläufe einfacher programmieren und abrufen lassen und wie Kairos mögliche Fehler bei Live-Broadcasting reduzieren kann. Product Manager Guido Murk from KST Moschkau GmbH talks about the use of the IT/IP platform Kairos at IFM. Kairos is an open platform that is very easy to use and multifaceted. It includes newly developed groundbreaking software that processes ST2100 and NDI streams at any resolution. This user-friendly platform is resolution and format independent, which makes it wonderful for almost any application. Watch now how Kairos makes it possible for all video streams to be available and tapped anywhere in the enterprise. We will also explain how each operator can create their own set-up, as well as how standardized workflows can be programmed and accessed more easily and how Kairos can reduce potential errors during live broadcasts. #Kairos,#PTZcameras,#CorporateStudio,#Studiosolution,#Broadcast,#Automation

  • Media and Entertainment solutions made by Panasonic Connect

    We all want to be enterta…

    We all want to be entertained. Captivated. Transported in the blink of an eye. Panasonic Connect is helping people enjoy new experiences that inspire and capture the imagination. Our media and entertainment solutions make it easier than ever… To immerse audiences in new, innovative ways To engage fans, connecting them with the latest trends and technologies To be live. Streaming uninterrupted for longer. Going bigger and shouting louder. From ground-breaking exhibitions to cutting-edge concerts, sporting events to e-sports conventions. We want to help you connect and stay connected. Find new ways of spending time together. And new ways of working. With our partners in media and entertainment, we’re working towards a shared vision of tomorrow. Always innovating, we offer glass-to-glass visual solutions for every application, from content creation and capture, right through to communication and consumption Including high-brightness 4K projectors and displays, live camera systems, specialist software and the KAIROS live video production platform Together, we’re making new opportunities and experiences possible. Ensuring productions can be more ambitious than ever. Helping to change work Advance society Connect to tomorrow Let’s dream big together. In 4K everywhere. Connecting to tomorrow. #PanasonicConnect,#Europe,#B2B,#mediaandentertainment
  • A Day in the Production Suora Broadcast

    What does it take to prod…

    What does it take to produce ice hockey tournament and achieve carbon neutral production? We travelled to Helsinki to spend a day with SuoraBroadcast, the company is famous for live sports broadcasting and it's remote production model. We visited the Pasila hub, which is remote control center and the virtual studio, where Panasonic AV solutions from Kairos to camera systems are being used, whether the game is taking place 500km away or it’s a studio production in the same building: Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV Europe solutions supporting sustainable, cost-efficient remote broadcasting of live sports. #KAIROS,#Sustainability,#remoteproduction
  • How to simplify your wireless meeting set up with Panasonic PTZ & Bosch Dicentis

    Find out how the Bosch Wi…

    Find out how the Bosch Wireless Dicentis Conferencing System can be used with Panasonic PTZ Cameras to deploy an automated video conference solution. With the push of one button, the PTZ cameras are able to follow the speaker when the corresponding microphone button is pushed. The PTZ cameras only need to be connected to the same network as the Bosch system and can then configure the IP addresses via out free-to-download Easy IP + Set Up Tool software. The Bosch hardware needs to be positioned, connected it to the wireless access points via PoE - and then you only need to allocate the speaker names and the Panasonic PTZ camera pre-sets. One of the key advantages of the Bosch system is that it is operated via webbrowser and the Panasonic protocol is already pre-saved due to the ongoing collaboration. In addition to being wireless, the system is extremly flexible as it is portable and can be moved from meeting space to meeting space in a flightcase easily. Find out more about... Panasonic PTZ Cameras: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/panasonic-remote-ptz-camera-systems Panasonic PTZ Control Center: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/software/ptz-control-center Panasonic Easy IP + Set-up Tool: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/software/win-easy-ip-setup-software Conference Solutions by Bosch: https://www.boschsecurity.com/xc/en/solutions/conference-solutions/ #PanasonicConnect,#Europe,#B2B,#PTZcameras,#PTZArchitect,#HowTo,#Conferencing
  • Mediaset Kairos Experience

    "It's not IP just for fas…

    "It's not IP just for fashion" Marco Di Concetto and Mauro Cassanmagnago from Gruppo Mediaset discuss the latest upgrade of it's studios, with the integration of the #KAIROS platfrom and transition to #ST2110 standard in the #broadcast industry. Watch more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14zvic5uuLk #PanasonicConnect #Europe #B2B #KAIROS #ST211 #Mediaset
  • Panasonic PTZ cameras power in-house Virtual Studio

    When Panasonic Germany in…

    When Panasonic Germany in Hamburg wanted to update their in-house studio, they chose Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV technology to achieve a futureproof studio solution. With the support of KST Moschkau as System Integrator, the existing studio was moved and upgraded to a new Virtual Studio that could be operated by the already existing team. The new "green" studio features Panasonic 4K PTZ cameras, controller and mixer, the CamBot.ptz control system for PTZ cameras and KST Vertical Move Systems as well as ZeroDensity's Reality. Automation of processes was another key feature of this new studio. The 4K UHD AW-UE150 PTZ remote camera provides broadcast level image quality and also supports the FreeD protocol to ensure integration with all main AR and VR system suppliers. The KST Vertical Move System adds extra dimensions of movement to the installed PTZ cameras. Find out more about... Panasonic 4K PTZ Camera AW-UE150: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/4K_50p_Professional_PTZ_Camera/AW-UE150 Panasonic PTZ Controller AW-RP150: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/Touchscreen-Remote-Camera-Controller/aw-rp150 Panasonic Switcher AV-UHS500: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/switcher/av-uhs500 Panasonic Academy: https://industry.panasonic.eu/de/service/seminare-und-schulungen/panasonic-academy KST Cambot system: https://www.kst-moschkau.de/geschaeftsbereiche/broadcast/ KST Cambot PTZ: https://www.kst-moschkau.de/produkte-software/cambot-remote-software/ #VirtualStudio #PTZcameras #VerticalMovementSystem #PTZArchitect #CorporateStudio
  • Mastering the Pandemic with Panasonic 4K system solutions Unlimited Vision & Sound B V Showreel

    Just before all events we…

    Just before all events were cancelled due to Covid-19, an important decision was taken by Unlimited Vision & Sound. Investing in HD cameras was no longer an option for owner Pascal van Engelen. In terms of quality, the bar had to be raised. After extensive research in the high-end studio camera segment, Panasonic's native 4K sensor was the key factor. Immediately after the Panasonic 4K remote camera AW-UE150 PTZ was launched, it attracted the attention of Unlimited Vision & Sound. In particular, they saw the match with the Panasonic studio cameras as a big opportunity and a perfect business case for our rental operations. With the help of the Dutch dealer Output BV, everything possible was done to replenish Unlimited's stock, and therefore their supply to their customers, as soon as possible. The products included ten AW-UE150 remote cameras, controllers such as the AW-RP150 and AW-RP60, and four AK-UC4000 4K live camera systems, with accompanying AK-HVF100 viewfinder, AK-UCU600 camera control unit, and AK-HRP1000 remote panel. All to be prepared for a future in an IP environment. Find out more about... PanasonicAK-UC4000 live camera system: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/4k-studio-camera/ak-uc4000 AW-UE150 4K PTZ Camera: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/4K_50p_Professional_PTZ_Camera/AW-UE150 Unlimited Vision & Sound B.V.: https://unlimited.nl/ #PanasonicConnect,#Europe,#B2B,#IPproductions,#4KSystemSolutions,#ReadyForThe Future
  • YOU INSPIRE US TO GO FURTHER Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV

    You inspire us to... - go…

    You inspire us to... - go further - be reliable - be sustainable - do better Your new ideas drive our passion for solutions. So we can push the boundaries of creative technology. Thank you for this incredible journey. Let's continue to build the future of video production together. Find out more about... Our Broadcast & ProAV solutions: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/ Our System Cameras: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/broadcast-and-proav/studio-camera-system Our PTZ cameras: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/panasonic-remote-ptz-camera-systems
  • Corporate video production at Lincoln Studio with PTZ cameras

    Located in the heart of P…

    Located in the heart of Paris, near les Champs-Elysées, Studio Lincoln is a 30 m2 highly modulable studio focusing on corporate videos for IT, luxury, medical or finance video speaking. The studio uses five Panasonic PTZ 4K cameras (AW-UE100), including one PTZ cam mounted on a dolly, fully operated remotely with the Panasonic AW-RP150 controller. Following the recommandations of their System Integrator named ‘SAV’, Studio Lincoln chose Panasonic PTZ AW-UE100 for its NDI compatibility, IP protocols embedded and single-cable easy set up. In this case study, Vincent REVERSAT from Studio Lincoln & Sylvain PICQUOIS from SAV explain why Panasonic was chosen for this project and for which benefits. ------------------- Situé au cœur de Paris, à proximité des Champs-Elysées, le Studio Lincoln est un studio de 30 m2 entièrement modulable dédié aux vidéos d'entreprise pour lIinformatique, le Luxe, le Médical ou la Finance. Le studio utilise cinq caméras Panasonic PTZ 4K (AW-UE100), dont une caméra PTZ montée sur un chariot, entièrement commandée à distance avec le contrôleur Panasonic AW-RP150. Suivant les recommandations de son intégrateur système « SAV », Studio Lincoln a choisi la Panasonic PTZ AW-UE100 pour sa compatibilité NDI, ses protocoles IP intégrés et sa configuration simple à câble unique. Dans cette étude de cas, Vincent REVERSAT de Studio Lincoln & Sylvain PICQUOIS de SAV expliquent pourquoi Panasonic a été choisi pour ce projet et pour quels bénéfices.
  • Kairos INFINITY Event

    The KAIROS Infinity Event…

    The KAIROS Infinity Event is more than just product news and developments! We bring together leading broadcasters and production companies to discuss their success in adopting KAIROS IT/IP platfrom to their business model & production needs, key industry trends and future outlook. AGENDA: 00:00 View from the top 05:45 Kairos Product Concept 08:43 Mediaset Kairos Experience 20:07 Creative Technology Experience 28:06 Lang AG Kairos Experience 35:20 Software Update Ver.1.2 Demo 39:37 News & Virtual Tools SPEAKERS: Tobias Lang, CEO LANG AG Marco Di Concetto, Head TV Production Systems Technology at Mediaset Mauro Cassanmagnago, Director of Broadcast Technology at Mediaset Sid Lobb Head of Integrated Networks & Vision, Creative Technology Sam Hatcher, IP Solutions Engineer, Creative Technology Andre Meterian, Director of Professional Video Systems, Panasonic Christophe Almeras, Kairos Business Development Manager, Panasonic Guilhem Krier, Head of Business Development, Panasonic Subscribe to Kairos Newsletter: https://info.business.panasonic.eu/KAIROS-Subscription-centreV2.html To learn more about Kairos V.1.2.Firmware click here: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/itip-centric-video-platform/KAIROS Broadcast&ProAV Digital World is coming soon, stay tuned! #ST2110 #KAIROS #Videoproduction
  • How MLK church celebrates in Espace Grand Paris facilities with Panasonic video technologies

    Every weekend, MLK Church…

    Every weekend, MLK Church is renting the facilities of “Espace Grand Paris” offering a deluge of technology for immersive celebrations. The Martin Luther King church is an outstanding and unique Evangelist megachurch located in a unique complex in Créteil, near Paris. The Espace Grand Paris was inaugurated on September, 2021. It's a six floors complex of 6000 m2, including a very well-equipped auditorium of 1000 places intended to accommodate all kinds of events: religious ceremonies on weekends but also shows, conferences, weddings, seminars during the week. MLK Church is been existing since many years, seeing its faithfuls growing year after year : today, it’s 3500 people celebrating every Sunday and tens of thousands follow the events on the internet. The integration was carried out by S2Sound under the technical direction of Samuel Dugard. S2sound also manages technically the whole place for all the customers and events. A Panasonic HS6000 mixer stands in the center of the video control room. In the auditorium, three AW-UE150 4K PTZ cameras and five Panasonic EVA1 4K cinema cameras on a stand and on a crane, are recording. The highlight of the show stands in a Tecnopoint solution: a 20 meters tracking rail placed 7 m high running to the front of the stage. The AW UE150 PTZ camera set up on the trolley by a telescopic totem is controlled by the AW-RP150 and the Tecnopoint dedicated remote control. Live recordings are streamed live on the MLK Church YouTube channel, which has more than 50,000 subscribers. The installations of the Espace Grand Paris can bear the comparison with the most famous parisian performance halls and is making the pride of its customers. In this case study, Samuel DUGARD (Technical Director) & Jean-Christophe BERTHALON (stage Manager) from S2SOUND, are giving us their insights on the way they work with Panasonic video devices while Eric-Vincent Dufour (Pastor) sees how emotion can be brought by technology. Version Française : L'église Martin Luther King est une méga-église évangélique exceptionnelle et unique située dans un complexe unique à Créteil, près de Paris. MLK Church loue tous les weekend l’espace Grand Paris qui lui permets un déluge de technologie pour des célébrations immersives L’espace grand Paris a été inaugurée en septembre 2021. C'est un complexe de six étages de 6000 m2, comprenant un auditorium très bien équipé de 1000 places destiné à accueillir toutes sortes d'événements : cérémonies religieuses le week-end mais aussi spectacles, conférences, mariages, séminaires au cours de la semaine. L'église Evangéliste MLK existe depuis de nombreuses années et a vu son nombre augmenter au fur et à mesure, aujourd’hui c’est 3500 fidèles qui assistent aux célébrations chaque dimanche, et des dizaines de milliers suivent les événements sur internet. L'intégration technique des différentes solutions a été réalisée par S2Sound sous la direction technique de Samuel Dugard. S2sound gère également l’exploitation technique de l’espace Grand Paris pour l’ensemble des clients. Un mélangeur Panasonic HS6000 se trouve au centre de la régie vidéo. Dans l'auditorium, trois caméras PTZ AW-UE150 4K et cinq caméras de cinéma Panasonic EVA1 4K sur pied et sur grue enregistrent. Le point culminant du spectacle se trouve dans une solution Tecnopoint : un rail de suivi de 20 mètres placé à 7 m de haut courant vers l'avant de la scène. La caméra PTZ AW UE150 installée sur le chariot par un totem télescopique est contrôlée par l'AW-RP150 et la télécommande dédiée Tecnopoint. Les enregistrements en direct sont diffusés en direct sur la chaîne YouTube de MLK Church, qui compte plus de 50 000 abonnés. L'installation, qui peut soutenir la comparaison avec les plus célèbres salles de spectacle parisiennes, fait la fierté des clients de l’espace Grand Paris. Dans cette étude de cas, Samuel DUGARD (Directeur Technique) & Jean-Christophe BERTHALON (Régisseur) de S2SOUND, nous livrent leurs éclairages sur leur façon de travailler avec les appareils vidéo Panasonic tandis qu'Eric-Vincent Dufour (Pasteur) voit à quel point la technologie permets l’expansion de l’Eglise.
  • PTZ Cameras & Tuning Rail System move TV Pink's live production

    When Pink Media Group des…

    When Pink Media Group designed their new special effects studio in Belgrade, Serbia, it was necessary to use a dolly camera. They needed to find a robotic camera system with a suitable camera that would fit the existing Panasonic live camera system AK-UC4000 and at the same time have a sufficient zoom range for demanding recording in such a large studio. The best solution was the Panasonic PTZ camera Panasonic AW-UE150 and a tuning rail system trolly with a column which were the right answer to the studio's requirements. Both, the camera itself and the column tuning trolly, have the tracking system that is necessary to work on a virtual set as they support FreeD protocol. "We have chosen Panasonic PTZ cameras in conjunction with the Tuning Rail System, thanks to which we can create our live production in amazing video quality with camera motion at a much lower price than other solutions available on the market",says Sladan Pesic, Chief Engineer, Pink Media Group. Find out more about the... Solution: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/Tuning-Rail-System-with-Panasonic-PTZ-camera AW-UE150: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/4K_50p_Professional_PTZ_Camera/AW-UE150 Tuning Robotic System: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/robotic-system/tecnopoint-tuning-system
  • Introducing the new Panasonic AW-UE20 4K and AW-HE20 HD PTZ Cameras

    The AW-UE20 4K PTZ camera…

    The AW-UE20 4K PTZ camera from Panasonic features a new 1/2.8-type 4K MOS sensor that produces stunning UHD video. The AW-HE20 features a 1/2.8-type MOS sensor for high-quality Full-HD video. Both models support 3G-SDI, HDMI and IP which make them an ideal option for using within existing HD or 4K workflows thanks to their simultaneous video output feature. They feature a new wide-angle lens with a 71° field of view and a 12x optical zoom, enabling a wide area to be shot from a limited installation space. This allows shooting in meeting rooms and huddle spaces. The UE20 supports up to 4K 30p/25p video at 3840 x 2160 to provide professional and high-quality shooting of moving images. They both offer high image quality, wide shooting angle and high magnification zoom to provide more comfortable communication through high-quality video images and stable transmission. Both models have a newly designed and compact body, which makes it easy to handle and to install in any kind of setting, especially when positioning the camera on trusses, ceilings or wall mounts for class rooms and meetings rooms. They have been designed to support live streaming events, higher education and corporate installs. When using the free-to-download PTZ Virtual USB driver software and using a LAN connection, it is possible to obtain video and audio from the cameras in the same way you would an USB camera. This also ensures connectivity with video platforms. They support RTMP/RTMPS to enable direct upload of videos to video livestreaming services such as YouTube and Facebook Live. A new look web interface has been designed for provide quick access to operators in all areas of business. The UE20 and HE20 offer PoE+ support for camera power, control and video transmission over a single cable. Find out more about the... AW-UE20: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/aw-ue20 AW-HE20: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/aw-he20-0 PTZ Virual USB driver: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/software/ptz-virtual-usb-driver The complete Panasonic PTZ ecosystem: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/panasonic-remote-ptz-camera-systems #PanasonicConnect #Europe #B2B #PTZcameras PTZArchitect #PanasonicUEseries
  • Kairos Infinity Event | Register now!

    Joined by Europe’s leadin…

    Joined by Europe’s leading broadcasters and event producers we will show how KAIROS, is changing the way the industry works. The KAIROS Infinity Event will cover the latest industry trends, Kairos integration by major broadcasters and production companies and the latest product developments. SPEAKERS: Tobias Lang, CEO LANG AG Marco Di Concetto, Head TV Production Systems Technology at Mediaset Mauro Cassanmagnago, Director of Broadcast Technology at Mediaset Sid Lobb Head of Integrated Networks & Vision, Creative Technology Sam Hatcher, IP Solutions Engineer, Creative Technology Andre Meterian, Director of Professional Video Systems, Panasonic Christophe Almeras, Kairos Business Development Manager, Panasonic Anna Arkatova, Product Marketing Manager, Panasonic REGISTER NOW and find more information: https://info.business.panasonic.eu/Kairos_Infinity_event_2022.html #KAIROS #IPvideo #PANASONIC
  • How Panasonic PTZ cameras support Bülent Ceylan’s live comedy shows

    This video is in German l…

    This video is in German language. Mimik und Gestik spielen bei den Auftritten des Komikers Bülent Ceylan eine entscheidende Rolle. Denn wie viele andere Comedians fesselt er sein Publikum nicht nur durch seine Stimme. Seine Event- und Showcrew überträgt durch Videotechnik von Panasonic live jedes spannende Detail auf eine Leinwand. So sind die Zuschauer bis zur letzten Reihe auch in kleineren, tiefen Hallen immer mitten im Geschehen. Möglich wird das auf Tournee durch die PTZ-Kamera in Kombination mit der Autotracking-Software zur hochpräzisen Bewegungsverfolgung – und das auf kosteneffiziente Weise. Erfahren Sie mehr über die PTZ-Kameras- und Softwarelösungen Remote-PTZ-Kamerasysteme von Panasonic - Professional Camera Solutions | Panasonic Business #ptzkamera #bülentceylan #liveentertainment #comedyshow #luschtobjekt #autotracking
  • ifm implements UHD VR Studio to produce and broadcast content – no matter the circumstances

    The video language is Ger…

    The video language is German, English subtitles are available. ifm electronic GmbH in Essen, Germany, built a VR UHD TV Studio on their premises to be able to independently produce and broadcast their own content. The studio infrastructure is based on the combination of the ST 2110-based IT/IP-based video processing platform "KAIROS" from Panasonic, the studio production automation "CamBot" and the groundbreaking VR studio system "Reality". The system, designed for ST 2110, NDI and SRT signal processing and implemented with 3 robotic VariCamLT cine cameras and PTZ Cameras, offers the possibility of realising complete TV productions with a small amount of operators through the usage of the CamBot production automation system. Find out more about: Panasonic Kairos: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/itip-centric-video-platform/KAIROS Panasonic PTZ Cameras: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/panasonic-remote-ptz-camera-systems VariCam: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/varicam KST-Cambot.system: https://www.kst-moschkau.eu/divisions/automatisation-2/ Ifm Essen: https://www.ifm.com/de/en #kairos #vrstudio #cambot 00:00 – 00:35 Intro 00:35 - 01:29 Info about the ifm studio & activities 01:29 - 02:25 Kairos at the center of the ifm studio 02:25 - 04:41 IT/IP platform KAIROS 04:41 - 05:56 Cambot control & production center 05:56 - 06:42 Automation of video production 06:42 – 07:54 Benefits of creating in-house studios
  • Kairos First Impressions

    KAIROS IP Platform redesi…

    KAIROS IP Platform redesigns the way the video production is done, removing barriers through GPU processing power. You can bring out the best in production through flexible and unlimited operation. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear it from the AV operators and vision mixers that have used #KAIROS for the production of live events, eSports and broadcasts. Find out more about KAIROS: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/itip-centric-video-platform/KAIROS #ST2110 #KAIROS #Videoproduction

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